My name is Lina Agabani, and I produce and host My Fellow Laymen; a news program which airs on

World Radio Paris and is also available in podcast form. 


The show explains issues in layman's terms for the uninitiated listener. This is different from news shows with a panel of experts who report, analyze, or debate because they cater to an audience already abreast on current affairs. 

My Fellow Laymen is like the for dummies book series, but in a show format, where context is key.


My core objective is to make the news more accessible to the average layman and to do away with the stigma of being perceived as a dummy for a lacuna in politics, civics, or history. In my opinion, convoluted subjects are unpopular because, without a real understanding of a subject, there is no driving force to engage or invest. Moreover, even if there was general interest, without prior knowledge of the basics, trying to learn something new can prove to be challenging and off-putting, and so, it’s a vicious cycle.


My Fellow Laymen first lays out the core foundation of a topic, then proceeds to cover the story in more detail.

I dedicate each episode to presenting an all-inclusive summary of one topic dominating the headlines, in layman's terms, so that it is educational and easy to follow. 


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